WiFi Marketing & Customer Analytics Platform - Tools for Restaurant Marketing

WiFi Marketing Automation & Customer Analytics Platform

Growth tools for restaurants and retail chains to measure operations, build large customer databases, and to re-market to customers.

WiFi Customer Analytics

Measure Customer Behavior In Real-Time

WiFi Customer Analytics Collection

Contacts Faster

Build Detailed Customer Profiles

Passively Build Detailed Customer Profiles

WiFi Marketing Platform

Email Marketing to Increase Customer Spend & Measure Satisfaction

Value of a Customer Profile

Discover the ROI of Collecting
Customer Profiles!

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Companies already benefiting from our Customizable WiFi Marketing & Analytics Platform include:

  • McDonald’sBurgerFiWorld of Beer
  • Black Dog Bar & GrillGold’s GymAtlanta Bread
  • NewksCatalina CafeBrooklyn Water Bagel Co.
  • McDonald’s
  • BurgerFi
  • World of Beer
  • Black Dog Bar & Grill
  • Gold’s Gym
  • Atlanta Bread
  • Newks
  • Catalina Cafe
  • Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.
  • A No-Brainer For Anyone

    “We’re extremely pleased with the wealth of customer data that we’re able to gather, at a very attractive price.  In addition, we’re able to communicate our new product promotions by using  the landing page as a digital billboard.  A “no-brainer” for anyone working with limited Marketing $$.”

    ~ Bob Cross, Vice President of Operations
    Atlanta Bread Company

  • Bloom Intelligence goes above and beyond.

    “They have always been attentive through whatever needs and questions we have. They go above and beyond to make sure our team and customers stay connected while helping us with our marketing efforts.”

    ~ Matt Thompson, Managing Partner
    Madison Social

  • Unparalleled customer service.

    “I was in the process of total WiFi meltdown until we came across this platform. Since then, our internet needs have been met to the utmost of their ability and the best customer service to match.”

    ~ Susan Adams, Area Operations Director
    GOLD'S GYM® of Central Florida

  • Amazing analytics tools.

    “This is an integral part of our local store marketing program. We use the e-mails we collect to tell our existing customers about various promotions, specials and discounts, and the analytics tools are amazing at capturing and displaying smart device activity in and around our store.”

    ~ Ron Murray
    Atlanta Bread Company

  • Security and control.

    “Being a coffee business with lots of WiFi users, it’s important for us to control the amount of data customers are using and increase security for them. Bloom Intelligence helps us feel comfortable allowing anybody to use our WiFi and helps increase exposure to our website with a landing page.”

    ~ Maurice Moulton & Patricia Allaire
    Catalina Cafe

Discover Detailed WiFi Analytics

Bloom Intelligence provides detailed location-based WiFi analytics that allow you to measure customer behavior in real time at your physical location – even if they don’t log into your WiFi!

Perfect for restaurant marketing and retail marketing, Bloom starts collecting anonymous data such as dwell time, first time visitor, and churn rate as soon as a person walks into your location.

And we can recognize and eliminate employee and vendor data from your Key Performance Indicators.

Collect Customer Contacts

When guests log into your Guest WiFi, Bloom automatically collects your customers profiles which includes your customers’ names, emails and phone numbers so that you can start re-marketing to your guests.

We even verify all emails for you. Automatically sync all the data you collected with Bloom to your current restaurant marketing/loyalty programs, email service provider, or use the Bloom marketing hub to send messages, offers or surveys.

Passively Build Customer Profiles

The Bloom customer analytics platform provides tools such as progressive profiling to start building customer profiles as soon as they walk in your door.  Customer profiles include name, email, phone number, zip code, age, birthday and social media accounts, along with behavior data like time of day, day of week, dwell times of visits, and more.

Utilize your customer insight to personalize your customers experience, optimize your restaurant marketing strategy, and to maximize your revenue per customer.

Intelligent Triggered Marketing

Bloom WiFi marketing and customer loyalty platform is behavior driven. This lets you automate WiFi restaurant marketing and retail marketing campaigns based on the behavior of your customer even if they only log onto your guest Wifi only once!

For example, if a customer logs into your guest Wifi once, then comes back to your location on another visit, does not log into your guest Wifi, eats and then leaves, Bloom knows they left and can automate offers, surveys, and messages to your customer. We track marketing attribution & ROI of all campaigns. Now that’s smart Wifi.

White Glove Experience

We know time is money, and you’re busy running your business. At Bloom, we’re focused on providing world-class customer support.

Your 100% dedicated Customer Success Manager will do all the heavy lifting for you, through implementation, training and ongoing support.

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