Passively Build Customer Profiles & Actionable Customer Insights

A introduction to how the Bloom Intelligence platform collects customer data and builds detailed customer profiles to be used in its WiFi marketing hub.

Bloom Intelligence allows your brick-and-mortar location to begin collecting customer data as soon as a person walks in your door. The cutting-edge customer intelligence engine collects customer data from multiple channels, including WiFi sensors, online and offline behavior, social media, and your point of sales system.

Our proprietary algorithm sets incorporate machine learning, predictive analytics, attribution models and artificial intelligence to deliver deep customer insights while building detailed customer profiles. This data can then be used to create profitable, highly-targeted store and restaurant marketing campaigns.

The Bloom Intelligence customer intelligence engine delivers real-time market research to your store or restaurant from a large sample size of your customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional providers.

Our enterprise solutions allow you to use your customer profile data when and where your organization needs to drive deeper value and understanding. Utilize our enterprise integrations to add our intelligence into your ecosystem to trigger specific workflows or engaging marketing messages.

You’ll be able to leverage customer profiles and analytics to personalize your customer experience, reduce churn, and increase the frequency, spend and satisfaction of your customers.

Gain the ecommerce advantage and watch your offline business BLOOM!

Guest Wi-Fi As A Service: Why Buy The Cow?

  • Customer Testimonial

    Bloom Intelligence goes above and beyond.

    “They have always been attentive through whatever needs and questions we have. They go above and beyond to make sure our team and customers stay connected while helping us with our marketing efforts.”

    ~ Matt Thompson, Managing Partner
    Madison Social

  • Customer Testimonial

    Unparalleled customer service.

    “I was in the process of total WiFi meltdown until we came across this platform. Since then, our internet needs have been met to the utmost of their ability and the best customer service to match.”

    ~ Susan Adams, Area Operations Director
    GOLD'S GYM® of Central Florida

Contact Collection

Automatically collect your customers' names, emails, and phone numbers.


Collect customer age, gender and birthday.

Zip Codes

Know where your store's traffic originates.

Customer Frequency

Identify your customers' individual frequency behavior.

Smart Lists

Segment your customer database to create smart lists that automatically update.

Customer Value

Understand the individual and lifetime value of your customers.

Churn Probability

Understand the probability of individual customer churn.

Customer Satisfaction

Measure and record customer satisfaction in real time.

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