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The Bloom Intelligence WiFi Marketing Automation and Customer Intelligence Hub is a powerful marketing platform that restaurants use to grow their business. Bloom provides marketing professionals with actionable presence analytics and customer profiles to personalize their customers’ experience and optimize restaurant operations. In addition, Bloom’s marketing hub allows you to automatically send offers, messages, and ratings based upon your customers’ behavior.

How You Can Use WiFi Analytics for Marketing your Restaurant

Utilizing your guest WiFi access points, Bloom gathers anonymous customer data. As a result, this data informs you about who is visiting your establishment, how often they’re coming back, how long they’re staying, and much more – even if they never log into your WiFi.

Once a customer logs into your guest WiFi, their digital profile is captured. Then, we create detailed customer profiles that include names, emails, phone numbers, zip codes, birthdays, and powerful presence analytics, including:

  • WiFi Restaurant Marketing and Location AnalyticsWhich location they visited
  • What offers they’ve received
  • Which offers they have redeemed at your location
  • Visits Per Period
  • Churn Likelihood
  • Dwell times
  • Per-person averages
  • Much more

As a result, WiFi marketing and analytics can open up an entire new world of marketing possibilities for restaurants. With comprehensive,  detailed data from a large sample size of your customers, you’ll be able to create personalized, targeted marketing campaigns. Plus, you’ll be able to see tangible ROI from each and every campaign you execute. All the way down to a person walking back in your door.

Develop Intelligent Restaurant Marketing Strategies

Bloom Intelligence features a suite of powerful marketing tools that allow you to create real-time, automated behavior-driven digital marketing for restaurants that build customer loyalty and maximize your restaurant email marketing ROI. In addition, the Bloom platform provides tangible attribution on every campaign you create when re-marketing for restaurants. You’ll save money and time as you improve your marketing efforts and results. Likewise, you’ll save on advertising costs, and make better business decisions.

With Bloom, you can create any number of campaigns, surveys, ratings requests – even smart coupons and restaurant comment cards. These campaigns can be simple messages, they can include redeemable digital coupons, or they can be configured to ask customers for a rating of a recent experience. All can be sent manually, scheduled on a recurring/timed basis, or sent based upon specific customer behavior.

To learn about WiFi marketing in the restaurant industry, download our free whitepaper here – Bloom Intelligence WiFi Marketing Guide

Restaurant Marketing - WiFi Marketing Guide

Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Bloom gives you the ability to sort, filter and save your customer profiles into various customer lists, or buyer personas. This is invaluable data when learning how to market a restaurant. Additionally, if you choose a smart list it will automatically update as a new person that meets this criteria enters your customer database.  As a result, this allows you to begin creating much more effective and profitable offline targeted marketing campaigns. By using restaurant marketing segmentation, you can send different messages to different groups, instead of sending a single mass-message to your entire customer database. Segmented, targeted content marketing for restaurants is much more effective for customer engagement and overall marketing ROI.

So, stop guessing who your customers really are and how they behave. Instead, discover your most profitable and loyal customers! Target personalized campaigns to your various customer groups for better ROI and more satisfied, loyal customers.

Discover the ease in which you can segment your customer base with a WiFi marketing platform – Improving Restaurant Marketing with Customer Segmentation

Restaurant Marketing with Customer Segmentation

Build A Positive Online Reputation

We allow you to stay ahead of customer sentiment and stay proactive about your reputation by measuring your customer behavior in real time. You can stop poor ratings before they reach popular rating sites. – i.e. TripAdvisor, Google, etc., and encourage good raters to post their experience online.

Automatically send ratings requests to customers about their recent visit. If they respond with a good rating, you can reply with a “thank you” and links to your pages on the online ratings sites. Should they reply with a negative review, you can respond with an apology and a way to resolve the issue. This gives you the opportunity to stop an online negative rating before it even happens.

Learn how to proactively improve your online ratings and reviews in our free guide – Rocket Your Restaurant Ratings and Reviews

Restaurant Marketing for Higher Ratings

Create a Restaurant Loyalty Program

Build a successful customer loyalty program for restaurants or integrate and make your current loyalty program more effective. Bloom tracks every device that enters your restaurant, whether it is logged into your guest WiFi or not. However, when a customer logs into your WiFi, their previous and future visit data is attached to their customer profile. Bloom utilizes advanced algorithm sets that include machine learning and predictive analytics to provide deep customer insight that can be used to create automated email marketing campaigns to send messages, offers or surveys based upon your customers’ behavior on- or off-premise.

If you’d like to learn more about using your guest WiFi to create a loyalty program, download our free guide – Drive Traffic and Loyalty to Restaurant with Marketing Automation

Restaurant Marketing Loyalty Programs

You can track the effectiveness of all campaigns with our advanced attribution models that know when a customer receives a message, returns to your locations, and redeems your offers at your restaurants. Then you can take the guesswork out of marketing for your restaurant.

Use Content Marketing to Bolster Your Restaurant Marketing Efforts

Many restaurateurs believe that content marketing is the same as marketing with content. While this is somewhat true, there is a huge difference in the concept behind true, effective content marketing for restaurants. Traditional marketing with content involves trying to sell a product or service to someone through persuasive writing and outright promotion. Content marketing, on the other hand, involves providing informational, interesting content without any sort of promotion.

So, the point is to allow your customers to engage with and look forward to seeing your content and have their questions answered, and interests piqued. Over time, customers will begin to form an inherent bond with your business which builds trust and loyalty. And the next time they are making a decision about where to dine, your restaurant will be top-of-mind.

If you’d like to learn more about using content marketing for restaurants, download our free guide – Content Marketing for Restaurants

Content Marketing for Restaurants

With the power and flexibility of Bloom Intelligence WiFi marketing and customer intelligence hub, you’ll have the data required for effective, profitable content marketing for restaurants.

Discover Bloom Intelligence

The restaurant industry is extremely competitive and marketing continues to be as difficult as ever. However, Bloom Intelligence can give you that necessary competitive edge by engaging your customers on a much more personal level that leads to a higher restaurant revenue per square foot.

It’s time to start leveraging your guest WiFi to gain a competitive edge. Then watch your profits grow. Schedule your free demo today and see how Bloom can help your business grow.

If you’re researching for the best platform for your business, click here for an easy process to follow and a free spreadsheet template when choosing a WiFi marketing platform!

In addition, learn more about cutting edge marketing with our list of 2019 restaurant marketing ideas to grow your restaurant business.

Restaurant Marketing FAQs

Of all the restaurant marketing strategies, perhaps the most efficient and effective strategy is using a WiFi marketing and analytics platform. It allows you to collect customer contact information, segment your customer list, create targeted, personalized messaging, and remarket to them for maximum results.

Restaurant remarketing is a powerful way to connect with visitors to your website or customers who have logged into your WiFi. It allows you to send targeted advertising, behavior driven promotions to those people through online advertising or email marketing. It’s a key marketing concept that should be a primary focus of restaurant owners and marketers.

Restaurant customer segmentation refers to the process of subdividing a customer base into specific groups based on similar demographics, psychographics, and/or various behavior data points. This information can guide restaurant marketing professionals when developing new marketing campaigns for each group, or optimizing existing ones to personalize the customer experience online or at their physical locations. 

The best and easiest way to implement and maintain a digital smart coupon program is to use a WiFi marketing and analytics platform like Bloom Intelligence. The platform allows you to easily create and send customers a unique, one-time use code that they can redeem at their next visit. The coupon is stored on their mobile device.

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  • Amazing analytics tools.

    “This is an integral part of our local store marketing program. We use the e-mails we collect to tell our existing customers about various promotions, specials and discounts, and the analytics tools are amazing at capturing and displaying smart device activity in and around our store.”

    ~ Ron Murray
    Atlanta Bread Company