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What is WiFi Analytics?

Wifi Analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing anonymous data from WiFi-enabled devices through WiFi access points. Every connected device, such as a cell phone, laptop or tablet, broadcasts a signal which allows WiFi access points such as Cisco Meraki to recognize a unique device ID associated with the device. Therefore, the WiFi access point has the ability to track this data whether a person is logged into WiFi or not as long as they have Wifi enabled on their device.

As a result, enterprise big data software has the ability to clean, process, and apply advanced algorithm sets. Then, detailed customer analytics and location intelligence becomes available for physical locations to optimize restaurant operations.

This is similar to website analytics that give webmasters the ability to track customer interaction and attribution, allowing them to personalize their customers’ buying journey.

Wifi AnalyticsBloom Intelligence WiFi Metrics

The Bloom Intelligence enterprise WiFi analytics tools provide rich insight into customer behavior at your location, such as:

  • Dwell Time
  • First Time Visitors
  • First Time Visitor Return Rate
  • Customer Churn Likelihood
  • Popular Visit Times
  • Much More

Multi-unit chains have the ability to compare their in-store analytics, such as traffic data or customer churn rates of each location or group averages of locations, to identify opportunities to optimize operations and marketing. The real significance is being able to see data such as dwell time by the hour which measures the average dwell time of anyone that comes in at a specific hour.

Why is this important? Imagine a fast-casual restaurant, for example. If their average customer dwell time is 30 minutes but at 8 a.m. it doubles to 60 minutes, what is going is on at 8 am that is causing their average dwell time to double? Could they be understaffed? The bottom line equates to fewer table turns, which means less revenue.

Identifying these restaurant operational inefficiencies quickly is critical to the success of any restaurateur.

An introduction to how the Bloom Intelligence platform collects customer data and builds detailed customer profiles.

Making WiFi Analytics Actionable

The Bloom Intelligence customer analytics platform creates clean, actionable customer behavior insight.

Bloom employs multiple machine learning algorithms. They remove employees and outliers from the data. This provides multi-location operators true insight into their customer behavior and locations health.

After that, the Bloom big data stack processes these customer data points through multiple advanced algorithm sets to create insight, build customer profiles, and to trigger email marketing campaigns that are based upon the behavior of your customer via our WiFi marketing platform.

Therefore, a customer only needs to log in to guest WiFi once for Bloom to capture your customers contact information. Then the Bloom WiFi email marketing platform can trigger email campaigns based upon a customer’s presence analytics on or off location.

For example, a customer returns to a location after previously logging into the guest WiFi the previous visit. The Bloom marketing platform can trigger a survey, offer or message to the customer. Bloom knows that the customer received the message when they return to the location and if they redeemed the offer. The ability to track attribution of all email campaigns allows restaurant and retail marketers to track ROI and effectiveness of all campaigns.

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