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Passively Build Clean Customer Profiles Quickly with your Guest Wifi. Then use Bloom’s Growth Tools to Increase Customer Loyalty, and Measure Customer Satisfaction in Real Time

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WiFi Marketing to Grow Your Business

What Is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi MarketingWiFi marketing is a franchise retail & restaurant marketing technique that uses a physical location’s guest WiFi landing pages and access point(s) to collect and clean customer names, contact information, customer behavior, and demographics. This customer profile data is then used to create automated personalized triggered marketing campaigns to influence customers. These personalized marketing campaigns consist of offers, messages, and surveys. All campaigns can be tracked down to the tangibility of a customer walking back in your door.

Bloom’s growth tools increase your customers’ visit frequency and spend, and you can measure their satisfaction in real time.

For detailed information about the aspects of WiFi marketing, click What is WiFi marketing?

It is important to understand that all WiFi marketing & analytics providers are not all providing the same level of technology, service, and ROI.  For example, the difference in the various platforms available can be found in their ability to:

  • Measure customer behavior whether someone logs into WiFi or not
  • Clean the data and verify emails in real-time
  • Isolate and remove employees’ data
  • Provide a very large sample size of collected customer data
  • Collect and improve more customer ratings and reviews
  • Allows the user to use the data to make it actionable in shaping customer behavior
Advanced Marketing Solution

Bloom Intelligence provides a powerful retail and restaurant marketing automation solution. It passively collects and cleans your customer profiles, understands your customer behavior, and triggers marketing campaigns. And it tracks your return on investment from every campaign. As a result, you can effectively build a powerful customer loyalty program to fuel your growth.

The Bloom social WiFi solution automates marketing campaigns to your customers. It does this whether they are on- or off-premise, based upon their behavior. All messaging is location-aware even if customers don’t have a mobile app or have location services enabled on their phone.

Using WiFi marketing to save customersAdvanced Retail & Restaurant Marketing Platform

Other platforms can give you guest WiFi solutions, such as email collection and demographics. However, Bloom Intelligence combines multiple sources of customer data to create detailed customer profiles and location analytics. After that, Bloom can trigger email marketing campaigns based upon the behavior of your customers. Even if they only log into your WiFi network once.

Bloom is able to provide guest behavior data whether the customer logs into your WiFi or not because we are tracking anonymous cell phone device level data such as dwell time if they are a first-time visitor, presence, and much more via WiFi Analytics. Measuring customer behavior as soon as they walk in the door is a significant advantage because you are able to measure and react to customer behavior in real time. As well as track the tangibility of every campaign you send, since you can recognize when a person returns to your locations from a campaign.

Accurate, Real-time Data

We also provide accurate data. Email addresses are verified in real-time. For example, if a user enters a “fake” email address, the system will prompt them to enter a real email address to log into the guest WiFi. Additionally, our software will identify and remove data from employees, vendors and any other visitors you wish to remove from your analytics dashboard. Other providers do not reach this level of data cleanliness.

Bloom Intelligence builds detailed customer profiles from multiple sources of data. We provide tools such as progressive profiling to collect your customers’ data over time, rather than asking for this information all at once.

Bloom then makes this customer data actionable. Through the utilization of sensors and advanced algorithms such as machine learning, you can trigger email marketing campaigns that increase customer loyalty and measure their satisfaction in real time. Most importantly, Bloom tracks the ROI or attribution of all marketing campaigns.

Save At-Risk Customers

The Bloom WiFi marketing software uses advanced algorithm sets to identify customers who are at-risk of churning or not coming back to your restaurant or retail location. These customers can then be automatically enrolled in an at-risk marketing campaign to send them offers or messages. Bloom users are seeing up to 38% of their at-risk customers returning for another visit. Saving at-risk customers with an offer is cheaper than attaining a new customer.

Save Churning Customers

Improve Customer Ratings and Reviews

Bloom also can automate surveys to customers based upon specific behavior, such as after a customer’s 2nd visit. Not only can you capture valuable customer feedback at the right time and place, but you can utilize Bloom’s extended feature sets to proactively and automatically respond to negative online reviews and encourage positive ones. Over time, restaurants can improve online ratings and reviews on the popular – and powerful – ratings websites, and save their at-risk customers.

Improve Ratings and Reviews with WiFi Marketing

Customer Segmentation

With the amount of detailed customer data that Bloom WiFi software collects, users can create detailed segmented customer lists based on combinations of various demographic and behavior data. Once segmented, different campaigns can be sent to the different types of smart or static lists that automatically update. This allows your restaurant marketing team to build buyers personas or groups of people with similar characteristics, and associate them with specific campaigns. This segmentation allows you to personalize your customer messaging at scale which increases customer engagement and satisfaction.

Restaurant Customer Segmentation

Don’t Settle for Less!

Bloom offers a competitive, tiered pricing structure. As a result, you can pay only for what you need and what fits best with your business type and organization.  Restaurant franchise and retail marketing and operations professionals across the country are leveraging Bloom’s social WiFi tools to increase customer frequency and spend, measure their satisfaction, and save at-risk, churning customers.

Until recently, brick-and-mortar locations have been at a serious marketing disadvantage when compared to e-commerce entities. But now,with Bloom Intelligence, physical locations can gather accurate, real-time data on their actual customer base.

This means one thing – no more guessing!

Now you can build laser-focused marketing campaigns. Plus, you can measure each of them precisely, allowing for robust and profitable email marketing endeavors. As a result, you’ll be able to accurately measure results, optimize and duplicate your successful retail and restaurant marketing campaigns.

Isn’t it time you start using real-time, in-store social powered WiFi networks to uncover hidden marketing opportunities, drive revenue, and discover operational efficiencies?

It’s time to start leveraging your guest WiFi to gain a competitive edge. Then watch your profits grow. Leverage the power of digital at your physical location. That’s not just smart – that’s Bloom Intelligence.

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If you’re researching for the best platform for your business, click here for an easy process to follow and a free spreadsheet template when choosing a WiFi marketing platform!

WiFi Marketing Guide


General WiFi Marketing FAQs

WiFi marketing is a retail, restaurant or physical location marketing technique that uses a location’s guest WiFi landing pages and access point(s)sensors to collect and clean customer names, contact information, behavior and demographics. All this data is then used to create targeted automatically triggered re-marketing campaigns (surveys, offers and messages) to influence customers. The performance of every campaign can be tracked down to the tangible ROI of each campaign.

Learn More About WiFi Marketing Here

WiFi Analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing anonymous data from WiFi-enabled devices through WiFi access points. This provides key performance indicators (KPIs) such as dwell times, frequency, and other advanced location analytics for physical locations. Once a customer opts into the Guest WiFi landing page their individual presence analytics are associated to the customers profile. This process enables WiFi marketing platforms to track the performance of all campaigns sent to customers down to someone walking back into their door.

Presence Analytics Basics for WiFi Marketing

A customer profile is a description of a business’ customers typically stored in a company’s customer relationship management software (CRM). It includes demographics, behavior data, zip codes, birthdays and customer contact information, such as email address or phone number. Enterprise WiFi marketing solutions automatically build customer profiles for physical locations by combining customer data from multiple different sources such as your Guest WiFi landing page.

Discover the Power of Customer Profiles for WiFi Marketing

WiFi Remarketing allows business owners and marketers to send targeted advertising and behavior-driven promotions to people, via online advertising and email marketing, to customers who have logged into your guest WiFi.

Using Email for Powerful WiFi Marketing

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  • A No-Brainer For Anyone

    “We’re extremely pleased with the wealth of customer data that we’re able to gather, at a very attractive price.  In addition, we’re able to communicate our new product promotions by using  the landing page as a digital billboard.  A “no-brainer” for anyone working with limited Marketing $$.”

    ~ Bob Cross, Vice President of Operations
    Atlanta Bread Company

Intelligent Marketing Functions

Built-in segmentation

Segment your customer database by any variables that we collect or combination of variables.

Rescue at-risk customers

Automatically send special offers to customers who are at risk of churning or not coming back.

Progressive Profiling

Passively collect customer profile data over time every time they interact with the Bloom platform.

Behavior triggered campaigns

Send messages automatically based on actual customer behaviors. Even if they only log into your guest WiFi once.

Increasing Customer Loyalty

Bring customers back with personalized offers, messages or rating triggers.

Email Marketing Automation

Automate your email marketing campaigns, targeting criteria, and watch your business grow.